Go! How to Get Going and Achieve Your Goals and Dreams: A Book for Women and Girls (Paperback)

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"The first step of any worthwhile journey is the decision to actually go. GO is a book that helps us find the confidence in ourselves and take the action necessary to make our dreams a reality." Nicole Stott ARTIST, ASTRONAUT

"Morgan's years of experience working with women and girls ranging from disadvantaged teens to corporate executives make her an excellent guide for any woman who wishes to overcome barriers and realize her dreams." Sandy Cummings EMMY(R) AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST FORMER SENIOR PRODUCER, NBC NEWS

"Those who read Marcia Morgan's book will be encouraged to identify and strive for new goals and will have the practical tools they need to attain them." Dana L. Sullivan ATTORNEY, NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR GIRL'S INC.

"You may find that the scariest thing is realizing just how powerful you are, how great your potential" Roz Savage FIRST WOMAN TO ROW SOLO ACROSS THE PACIFIC, ATLANTIC AND INDIAN OCEANS

"GO is an empowering read for women looking for a step-by-step guide to change in their lives, from mindfulness to visualization and action. This thorough examination of how we are wired and how we can break through societal and personal barriers is backed by in-depth research and references." Gail McCormick ENGLISH CHANNEL SWIMMER CO-FOUNDER, JAMII MOJA EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR MAASAI GIRLS, KENYA

"All too often we can get in the way of achieving our dreams without realizing that's what is happening. GO How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams provides information and tools to keep us centered, focused and on track." Jeannette Pai-Espinosa PRESIDENT, NATIONAL CRITTENTON FOUNDATION DIRECTOR, OJJDP NATIONAL GIRLS INITIATIVE

Women share a common epidemic: dream drain. Their goals and dreams are often put on hold or they quietly slip away. They adjust their dreams to fit their circumstances, rather than adjusting their circumstances to fit their dreams.

How do you recover lost goals and dreams? How do you move forward if you are in transition or feeling lost or stuck? The answer can be as simple as focusing on everyday objects. GO How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams teaches women and girls in four guided steps, how to select and display special objects that represent their goals. Through mindfulness, repetitive visualization and tenacious planning, the Goal Objects (GO ) become an empowering compass to keep a woman on the path towards her goals. The Goal Objects become a metaphor of her life and regular reminder of what she wants to achieve.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947398085
ISBN-10: 1947398083
Publisher: Publishing Circle
Publication Date: May 25th, 2018
Pages: 170
Language: English