Roundabout Books is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in 2019. To start, we eliminated single use bags, cups, lids, straws, sugars, stirrers and any other item that's used once in our store before being thrown away. Did you know that all of the paper waste from paper coffee cups in Central Oregon is going straight into the trash?

As part of this change, we spoke with representatives of Cascade Disposal to understand more about composting in Central Oregon. Even if cups and lids are labeled as being made from compostable materials, it is not warm enough or humid enough for them to break down in our composting facility. In addition, paper cups are not accepted for recycling because of the interior coating. This means every paper coffee cup in Bend is going straight into the trash, whether it's compostable or not. Roundabout is committed to changing our habits and to create awareness about this culture of convenience and the great intentions but wasteful consequences of hopeful recycling.

It's not convenient, and will take a lot of effort, but we are doing away with all our single-use materials in 2019, and we're asking you to join us. If you must take your coffee to go, we ask you to bring in your own container. Otherwise, we encourage everyone to practice mindfulness and take ten minutes to yourself out of your busy day. Enjoy your coffee in a mug while browsing our bookshop or reading in a chair. You'll love it.


Our café is pleased to serve entirely locally sourced goods from our community. 
Come in and enjoy!

Proudly Serving...
LONE PINE COFFEE Espresso-Lattes-Cappuccinos-Macchiatos-Mochas
METOLIUS TEA:  Black-Herbal-Green-Chai-Matcha
MYCHAI FLAVORS:  Chocolate-Vanilla-Caramel-Lavender-Cardamom-Peppermint-Irish Cream-Peach-Strawbery-Huckleberry
THUMP BAKING:  Buttermilk & Paleo Muffins-Danish-Bagels-Cookies
BLISSFUL SPOON BAKING:  Buttermilk & Paleo Muffins-Danish-Bagels-Cookies

We also serve...
Italian Sodas
Oregon Wines
Local Beers, including Deschutes Brewery, Crux, Worthy, Silver Moon, and more.
Holm Made Toffee

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