The cafe in Roundabout Books is a cozy way to enjoy your favorite local bookstore even more!  We proudly serve all locally-sourced espresso, tea, beer, wine, and baked goods. Settle in with one of our booklover lattes, treat the kiddos with our Honeydukes display, or pick up a New York Times and enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of our local favorite, Metolius Tea. 


Roundabout Books is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We've eliminated single-use bags, cups, lids, straws, sugars, stirrers and any other item used once in our store before being thrown away.  Although we do have To-Go cups available for $0.25, we encourage our customers to either enjoy their drink in the bookshop or bring their own resusable cups. 

Proudly Serving...

LONE PINE COFFEE:  Espresso-Lattes-Cappuccinos-Macchiatos-Mochas
METOLIUS TEA:  Black-Herbal-Green-Chai-Matcha
MYCHAI FLAVORS:  Chocolate-Vanilla-Caramel-Lavender-Cardamom-Peppermint-Irish Cream-Peach-Strawberry-Huckleberry-Hazelnut-Cinnamon
THUMP BAKING:  Buttermilk & Paleo Muffins-Danish-Bagels-Cookies
BLISSFUL SPOON BAKING:  Energy Balls, Gluten-Free Cakes, Cookies

Independent Bookstore and cafe in Bend, Oregon.