How can I sell my book at Roundabout?

Roundabout Books is a small, 2,500 sq ft independent bookstore and café with very limited shelf space. Our book selection is highly curated and all books on our shelves have been carefully selected. Due to the volume and frequency of requests for our staff to review, we have established the following guidelines and criteria for reviewing book submissions:

  1. We do not accept any books that are dropped off. If you leave an unsolicited book, it will go into the donation pile.
  2. The book’s subject matter must appeal widely to our customers’ interests and not be deemed inappropriate.
  3. The book must be well-edited; books containing misspelled words or poor grammar will not be considered.
  4. The overall quality of the construction and presentation of the book (cover, spine, print, pages, etc.) must be comparable to mainstream publishing standards.
  5. The book must have an ISBN and barcode. We prefer it lists a retail price as well. 
  6. The author must live locally full-time and year-round, where “local” is defined as any place within a fifty-mile (50) radius of Bend, Oregon. Exceptions may be made for non-local authors whose subject material is of local interest on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Our consignment policy is a standard 50/50 split, plus a one-time admin fee of $25. We review consignment sales and pay out our consignment authors in August and January.


  1. Why can't I drop off my books for your staff to look at? We have no space to store dropped off books and only one staff member reviews consignment requests. Dropped off books are still your property, and we are not liable if they are lost.
  2. Why does Roundabout Books charge a $25 admin fee? The admin fee covers the time that our consignment manager spends on reviewing your google form responses, confirming your book meets our consignment criteria, confirming we have room in our local author bookshelf for your book, auditing sales for payouts, and correspondence with authors to answer questions or request more copies. 
  3. What if I don't live within fifty miles of Bend? Our consignment is specifically for authors that live in our immediate area. We do not accept books outside that area because we do not pay for shipping to receive or return books. And because we have finite space for local authors, we must decline books from authors outside of our immediate area. 
  4. When will I find out if I am approved for consignment? Please allow up to four (4) weeks for reply. Due to the needs of our store and the additional responsibilities of our consignment manager, we ask that you give us adequate time to consider all guidelines of your request. 
  5. When will I be paid for my book's sales? We process payouts in January and August. However, due to the needs of the store, your payment may not arrive until the month after. 
  6. Can I bring by more books if I know my other books have sold? We ask that you do not bring extra copies to the store unless requested by a staff member. We also ask that you do not email the consignment manager to inquire if more books are needed. We complete audits of consignment titles on a regular basis and will contact you if we need more books. 

If you're interested in consigning your book(s) at Roundabout Books, please complete this google form. Completion of this form does not guarantee your book will be stocked at Roundabout Books. All consignment stock is at the discretion of the Roundabout Books staff. 

Our local bookstore accepts local author books on consignment or for book signings.