10th Annual Local Authors Night - CANCELLED

- - - - This event has been cancelled - - - - 

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We look forward to our 10th Local Authors Night at Roundabout Books! Join us for a wonderful panel of five Oregon-based authors and their incredibly diverse books. Each author will speak for approximately 15 minutes and then available for questions and signing at the end of the event.


Lauren Melink - IT'LL BE FINE. RIGHT? Everyday stories from an elderly millennial

We live in a world with a continuously decreasing attention span and this book caters to that somewhat embarrassing personality trait of society. This book is a collection of blog posts written over the course of a year by author Lauren Melink. The stories are varied and don't flow together at all, but they're real. They are raw moments plucked from her personal experiences that usually have a moral to them. (Usually). A voice that defines a generation in a silly, laugh out loud kind of way.

Robert Vancil - APRIL AND MY CLASSMATES: Growing up in Small Towns of Northeast Oregon

“April and My Classmates” is a collection of stories, events and happenings that were part of my experiences growing up in the 1940’s and 50’s living in small towns in northeast Oregon. Forty personal stories tell of my family life in the communities in which we lived. There are stories of youthful adventure, family love and loss, friendship, the beauty of nature and the thrill of young romance. They resonate in the life of the reader.


Shortly after the death of her parents, Cheryl discovered what she though was one of the many photo albums in her brother's safekeeping. She was looking for photos for her memoir, Sentiment. To her delight and surprise, among these photo albums, was one which contained fifty years worth of poems her dad had written to her mother.


This book is essential for the athlete transitioning into the next season of life. Whether the end of a sports career was voluntary or involuntary, many athletes struggle with no longer being an athlete and are left with questions and uncertainty. This book is an easy to navigate; step by step guide that allows you, the athlete, to understand who you truly are and what will guide the next phase of your life. Janae is candid with her fears, frustrations and future questions. You are not alone as you navigate the “What Now?” of being a retired athlete. Janae will have you feeling like you are taking this journey together by giving you a chance to reflect, create viable solutions for your future and a powerful action plan. Janae says, “There are games to win in life after sport, too. Get excited, the best is yet to come!”


If you are feeling in a rut, not inspired and are ready for a new outlook to put your world back on track this book was made for you. The I Am Creative Outlet written by Sufi healer and artist Julia Junkin, is built for one's personal journey to self-discovery or re-discovery of ourselves. When we release creative blocks and outdated beliefs that stifle our ability to transform and thrive we have a new vitality and meaning pulsing through us. Through women empowered visuals, guided questions and coloring this book has the ability to assist you in your ongoing transformation to your best you.

Event date: 

Friday, March 27, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Event address: 

900 NW Mt Washington Dr
Suite 110
Bend, OR 97703