7th Local Authors Night

We look forward to our 7th Local Authors Night at Roundabout Books! Join us in supporting these local authors as they share their stories, answer questions and sign books.



Rebecca Miller will share her novel Dearsie, set during WWII. In 1936, young Beverly Broy and her family relocated to Brussels, Belgium where her father was posted as American Consul. In 1941, all Americans were called back to the United States as WW II appeared to be on the verge of including America. In the time between, Bev, and her siblings experienced loss, adventure, confusion, and change that forever shaped their future.






When Ella Roseborrough was ten-years-old, she wrote the story of the Magic Red Dress with her grandmother, Karen, to share the magic and love of ballet with children everywhere—and especially with Ella's younger sister Hazel. Ella has performed in six Nutcrackers and adores ballet.






Emily Carr’s whosoever has let a minotaur enter them, or a sonnet— is the first book of poetry to inspire a beer of the same name, available in limited release at Bend's Ale Apothecary. Together, both the beer and the book are for the heartbreakers and the heartbroken, for the new hearts and the old hearts, the hearts we sometimes have to hold together, and the hearts that hold us together. Think beautiful atoms exploding, and some solar systems. 

Paul Arney is the creative brain and heart behind Bend's The Ale Apothecary, which brews wild-fermentation ales crafted from locally-sourced ingredients. In 2016, Paul teamed up with Emily Carr to brew Minotaur, the first beer inspired by a book of poetry. It's a limited release beer, currently available in its second iteration. He'll join Carr at this event.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Emily and Paul will not be able to attend. We hope to host them at a future event.






Frank Zafiro is the author of over twenty novels, many of them crime fiction. In Menace of the Years, the 5th River City book, it's December 1999, and the spectre of Y2K hangs over the police department. Officers respond to a hate-fueled home invasion robbery. As the entirety of the River City Police Department prepare for possible chaos when the calendar turns over to the year 2000, they also must stop a gang of white supremacists who plan to use that same chaos to mask their biggest crime yet. In Harbinger, Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky team up for the fourth and final installment in the saga of Ania, the siren grifter who starred in Blood on Blood, Queen of Diamonds, and Closing the Circle.

Event date: 
Friday, February 22, 2019 - 3:00pm
Event address: 
900 NW Mt Washington Dr
Suite 110
Bend, OR 97703