8th Local Authors Night



We look forward to our 8th Local Authors Night at Roundabout Books! Join us for a wonderful panel of six Oregon-based authors and their incredibly diverse books. Each author will speak for approximately 15 minutes, and they will all be available for questions and signing at the end of the event.


Shallow Waters  by Kay Jennings

A sleepy Oregon coastal village with secrets as dark as its January storms. A new police chief with his own shadowy past. Native Oregonian Kay Jennings introduces a thrilling new mystery series set alongside Oregon’s rugged Pacific Coast. 

Prove My Soul  by Brian M. Biggs

From 1966-1967, Brian M. Biggs served in Vietnam as a Marine Civic Action Officer, an assignment that included teaching English to elementary school teachers in a small village. In the early 2000s, Biggs returned to the village, and unraveled a mystery that mistakenly cast his as a spy for the South Vietnamese government, and brought to light the role he played in the fate of one of the teachers suspected of being Vietcong. 

Charlie-316  by Frank Zafiro

Tyler Garrett is a model SWAT officer whose good looks, education and familial status add to that image. The fact that he is a black man in the predominantly white Spokane Police Department only adds to the city administration’s pride in one of their own. He’s often pointed to as an example of the department’s best and brightest—a young man on the rise. 

Raised by Narcotics  by Alyse Neibaur

In a country where addicts’ stories have become a dime a dozen, we are desensitized to the devastating world of narcotics and the far-reaching impact each new prescription can have. What happens to the children who are left in the wake of such an epidemic? Alyse bravely answers these questions as she delves into her own memories and shocking family secrets. What emerges is a surprising new meaning of family, support, and understanding. 

The Sixth Storm  by Kim Cooper Findling

Skye Clancy’s relatives are mysteriously dead. Her mother is lost in grief. Her birthday will be ignored. The only thing that could make January worse...is a storm. As a family legacy of death and destruction by terrible weather is revealed, Skye embarks on a journey into the wild woods to solve the mystery and reverse the curse. 

The Year I Lived Dangerously  by Laura Marie Parker

Wrenna Rain’s mother takes her to Italy to experience her ancestors’ culture, eat delicious cuisine, and scope the “good-looking” Italian men. Along the trip, her life becomes unraveled and she starts to see how a long-time illusion made her believe she was someone else. A coming of age story about first loves, searching for truth, and finding autonomy in a journey away from home.


Event date: 
Friday, August 23, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm
Event address: 
900 NW Mt Washington Dr
Suite 110
Bend, OR 97703