Zoom 12th Local Authors Night

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We look forward to our 12th Local Authors Night at Roundabout Books! Join us for a wonderful panel of five Oregon-based authors and their incredibly diverse books. Each author will speak for approximately 15 minutes and then be available for questions. Please contact us to order these books.

Please join us for our virtual author event. Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86355877011?pwd=SndlQkdZSUFIWlRuT0RhNGpRNHRyQT09

Why the Undocumented Belong to America by Denise Holley 

Rosa Robles Loreto was chasing the American dream. She believed that her hard work cleaning houses demonstrated the determination and initiative the United States wanted. But after a minor traffic incident she was ordered deported. Her situation isn’t unique. Journalist Denise Holley explains how the United States has criminalized immigration, the very process that built this country. She shows how undocumented farmworkers employed in the orchards of Washington and the vineyards of California underpin our economy. Her book examines:

  • the impact of the 1965 act that ended national quotas but criminalized seasonal migration;
  • the lives transformed by the 1986 amnesty law that allowed 2.7 million people to legalize their status but penalized employers who hired undocumented workers;
  • the effects of the 1996 law that imposed a ten-year ban on reentry for immigrants who crossed the border illegally and stayed for more than a year;
  • the ways churches, humanitarian groups, and immigrant communities are fighting prejudiced laws.

Holley describes how our nation’s arbitrary immigration policies shake up the lives of individuals trying to work and survive in the US. She makes a passionate, powerful case that undocumented immigrants are essential to our nation’s economy and our future.

It'll be fine. Right?: Everyday Stories from an Elderly Millennial by Lauren Melink

We live in a world with a continuously decreasing attention span and this book caters to that somewhat embarassing personality trait of society. This book is a collection of blog posts written over the course of a year by author Lauren Melink. The stories are varied and don't flow together at all, but they're real. They are raw moments plucked from her personal experiences that usually have a moral to them. (Usually). A voice that defines a generation in a silly, laugh out loud kind of way.

Ladder to the Light by Beth Wood 

In the follow-up to her debut poetry collection Kazoo Symphonies, Beth Wood explores deeper and more complex emotional territory. Inspired by an image from a Jane Hirshfield poem ‘Mule Heart’ in which grief and joy are carried in “two waiting baskets,” Wood seeks to find balance again and regain footing after heartbreaking loss. Ladder to the Light chronicles her journey from grief to gratitude to believing in love again—poetry as a ladder toward the light.  Ladder to the Light is the winner of the 2019 Oregon Book Awards People's Choice Award and was a finalist for the Hall Stafford Poetry Award. 

This is Not a Sad Story by Alisha Crebbin

Have you found yourself in the midst of a trial? This is for you. With thousands of readers in over 30 countries Hayden's blog has reached hurting people in all walks of life. Diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer at the age of 21, Hayden shared her story with a courageous and bold heart.

April and My Classmates by Robert M. Vancil 

April and My Classmates is a collection of stories, events and happenings that were part of my experiences growing up in the 1940’s and 50’s living in small towns in northeast Oregon.  Forty personal stories tell of my family life in the communities in which we lived.  There are stories of youthful adventure, family love and loss, friendship, the beauty of nature and the thrill of young romance.   They resonate in the life of the reader. 

Event date: 

Friday, August 28, 2020 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

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