If you would like to be considered to present and sell your book at one of our LOCAL AUTHOR nights, please read the guidelines below.

  1. We invite 3-6 local authors to present their books on our LOCAL AUTHORS NIGHT event which is held every three months. We will sell your book during the event on your behalf.  If invited to attend, book pricing and commission details will be provided to you.  You must have actual published books in hand in order to participate in this event. 
  2. If you are invited to present, please be prepared to speak for approximately 15 minutes about you and your book(s).  Keep it brief and lively, giving customers a reason for wanting to purchase your book.  If you have more than one book, you still have only ~15 minutes at the podium to talk about them.  Some authors find it better to talk about one of them and mention the others.
  3. It is up to you to invite friends and family who may want to purchase your book.  Selling your book during this one evening is what it's all about!  Share our eventt to your Facebook page, invite co-workers, and send out e-mails.  We will do the same on our end.  It is very important that you help promote the event to friends, co-workers, book clubs, writing groups, etc.  Ask them to share the event with their friends!

If you would like to be considered for our LOCAL AUTHOR NIGHT, please email Cassie at info@roundaboutbookshop.com, or stop by during Author hours on Monday's between 1-3pm.