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10. One.newsletter to rule them all! We ONLY send one email per month. On the first of the month. It's comprehensive and includes a LOT of information, but we promise not to spam your inboxes every week. If you miss this email, you miss everything!

9. You're bored with your TBR shelf. You need something new to read and want to get a round-up of the month's new releases! We always select ten favorite book releases each month to share with you.

8. Get your Bookstore News! We are your community bookstore, a shared space for you (and everyone else in Bend). Maybe we have a new team member, or we're closing early for a holiday, or our bookmark contest is starting again, our summer sales is around the corner, or we have new displays up! Whatever it is, our "Store News" section is one of the most popular! 

7. You want to be the best gift-giver you know. We always feature the hottest titles coming up for pre-order and share the links to our website. Order online to reserve your copy of the biggest titles of the season before they are out of stock! Especially important to do this going into the holiday season. 

6. Because your toddlers have you held hostage and you need to break free! Open the newsletter to find out our next storytime session and theme!  Our storytimes are full of fun movement and story sharing.  A perfect morning for the both of you!

5. You want to join a book club! Our book clubs are the perfect way to meet new people and talk about a book you recently read. We host 8 book clubs that meet on a monthly basis! They are all hosted at the store and can be joined on a drop-in basis.  See the list of what our book clubs are reading next so you can join a meeting or two or seven! 

4. Authors! Authors! Authors! Did you know Roundabout Books hosts at least one author event almost every week? Skip the bar this Thursday night, grab a friend, and come share a literary evening at the bookstore. All of our author events for the month are detailed in the newsletter with links for reservations. Most events are free, some are favorite local authors, some are national treasures, but we promise you there is something for everyone. Pick your favorite event and reserve your spot today! 

3. Booklists! We are a sucker for booklists and love to make our own! Some of our favorite past newsletters and curated booklists are listed in the newsletter drop down menu above. We suggest you save our newslettters forever so that you can always find the booklist you need.

2. Literary Quotes! You can never, ever, ever have enough. We know you love them as much as we do. Sometimes we'll even throw in a fun trivia question or hidden clue.  You have to read it to find them! 

1. Hear from Cassie! Our owner always writes the Dear Reader letter. Sometimes it's just what you need to hear, and sometimes she pisses you off, and sometimes she makes you cry, and occasionally she makes you laugh, but we promise it will always be a few short paragraphs that reflect the community conversations and news of the day. Get to know us, share our story, and we promise to share yours too. 

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