Roundabout Books Book Fair

Roundabout Books is excited to bring a book fair to your school! We are currently only doing virtual book fairs. Please read all of the information below about hosting a book fair through Roundabout Books If you'd like to schedule a book fair, please email with the following information and we will start the planning process.

  • Name of school.
  • Your position at the school
  • Date(s) you'd like to host a book fair

Why partner with Roundabout Books on a Book Fair?

  • Roundabout Books will organize everything
  • We will provide quality literature for every age
  • We will make your book fair as small or large as you would like
  • We can provide specific titles you request, 
  • Personalized service and recommendations for new releases or theme-related titles.
  • Support a local business
  • Earn money for your school
  • Students or parents can shop online or in the store, and all credits will go the school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What dates are available for book fairs and how long do they last? We can make just about any set of dates work for you. Book Fairs can last from 1 day to an entire week. You will have the ability to choose what suits your school best. Please keep in mind that we need to have everyhing ready about a month prior to the Book Fair date so that we can order all of the titles, and have everything ready on the website. Ideally we will start planning 2-6 months before your book fair is scheduled. 
  • How does a Roundabout Book Fair compare to the Scholastic Book Fair? Roundabout Book Fairs will look very similar to Scholastic’s, but we will be able to offer you books published by all publishing companies (not just Scholastic!), and we strive to provide the best of quality literature to your students. We will cater the book list to your needs and provide exciting marketing, including book talks and possibly author presentations upon request. We will work with you every step of the way to meet your needs and to get your students excited about reading.
  • What ages will be represented at the book fair? We can cater the book list to represent any grade levels. You can take an active part in creating the book list, and we can add your school’s favorite titles and themes. We also have ready-made book lists if you would like a more general selection. Booklist will be locked in one month before book fair.
  • Will books in Spanish be available? Roundabout Books is able to provide a varied selection of both Spanish and bilingual books, depending on availabiltiy.
  • What is the general cost of the books? Most books at the fair will be paperbacks that cost between $4.99 and $10.99. We are also able to provide a selections of hardcover books that cost more but will work with your school to decide which titles are right for you.
  • Will my school make any money? Yes! Roundabout Books will donate 15% of the total sales back to the school  Plus, we can look into scheduling an author visit during the book fair at no charge to your school.